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Responsible Boating with Maximum Comfort


The Greenline concept is about innovation and environmental awareness, creating a motorboat for the future.



Greenline Yachts is the perfect choice for boating enthusiasts in New Zealand who value responsible boating and maximum comfort. The innovative and environmentally conscious approach to design is what sets Greenline Yachts apart from others in the industry.

With a range of liveaboard boats from 10 to 21 meters in length, Greenline Yachts combines sophisticated design and the latest technologies to offer a luxury boating experience with minimal impact on the environment. The silent eco-performance of the hybrid drive engines, superior hull design, and onboard solar panels make for an efficient and eco-friendly boat that is enjoyable to operate.

The interior of each boat is designed to maximize natural light, with large windows that offer unparalleled visibility and a connection to the natural environment. The well-designed cabins provide flexibility in layout and ample comfort, making living onboard a dream.

In summary, Greenline Yachts offers a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and responsible boating that makes them the perfect choice for boating enthusiasts in New Zealand.


Greenline is exclusively imported by Eyachts in New Zealand and powered by the Marina Brokerage.

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