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Experience ownership of the ultimate adventure boat on the water.




Axopar boats are the perfect choice for New Zealand boating enthusiasts looking to experience the latest generation of adventure boats. As the fastest growing company in this segment of the marine industry, Axopar promises speed, comfort, and adventure afloat. Only by experiencing the ride, the clever use of space, and the high-performance driving on the water can you truly appreciate why Axopar has become so compelling and why the world is talking about it.

Whether you’re an experienced boat owner or new to boating life, there is an Axopar model for every kind of adventure. The highly versatile boats can be customized to suit your purpose, your people, and your environment. The full range enables coastal or offshore cruising and is perfect for water sports activities and the marine lifestyle, while also satisfying your practical boating needs.

In summary, Axopar boats offer an exceptional combination of speed, comfort, and adventure, making them the perfect choice for boating enthusiasts in New Zealand. The highly versatile range and clever use of space ensures that every adventure is catered for, and the exceptional driving experience on the water is what sets Axopar apart.



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