The future of boating is here and it looks as good as it performs.



RAND boats are the ultimate choice for those who demand both luxury and sustainability. Their stunning design and exceptional performance have made them a top contender in the boat industry, but their focus on being the most environmentally friendly mainstream boat brand truly sets them apart.

RAND power boats combine sleek Scandinavian craftsmanship and design with innovative sustainable principles, resulting in a contemporary range of luxury boats that offer a real alternative to traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vessels. The use of materials developed from recycled plastic bottles, wooden trim elements sourced from certified sustainable forests, and cruelty-free alternatives for the luxurious ‘leather’ upholstery make RAND boats an excellent choice for those seeking eco-friendly options.





RAND boats provide silent and emission-free cruising, with every model in their portfolio configurable with 100% electric propulsion. However, for those who desire a traditional power-train, every model can also be specified with the latest inboard or outboard ICE propulsion.





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Perfect for both seasoned boat owners and newcomers to the boating lifestyle, RAND boats are designed for high usability, with layouts that invite people aboard and are designed for socialization, ensuring easy and intuitive handling. RAND boats offer a wide range of options from simple and stylish day cruisers to handsome and adventurous family weekenders or even a stunning cafe-racer style head-turner.

Experience the seriously euro-chic styling and incredible ease of use of these sustainable and sexy power boats, and fall in love with RAND’s philosophy and style.



RAND is exclusively imported by Eyachts in New Zealand and powered by the Marina Brokerage.

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