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Redefining luxury day boating


A new cutting edge alliance between Finnish boat builder Axopar and high-performance luxury automotive producer BRABUS.


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If you’re looking for a premium luxury boat brand in New Zealand, then BRABUS Marine is the perfect choice. The brand focuses on premium products for global markets and has strong ambitions to become one of the world’s most iconic luxury boat-building brands in the future. As an elite brand for an elite clientele, owning a BRABUS Marine boat ensures that you’ll have the most unique and eye-catching boat in Australia or New Zealand.

BRABUS boats come in a range of models, including the 300hp 25-foot model, 500hp 28-foot model, and the whopping 900hp 37-foot model, all of which deliver thrilling acceleration and torque for a truly electrifying ride. In addition to exceptional performance, BRABUS Marine is renowned for its unique style and visual appeal, making them stand out from the rest.

When you step on board a BRABUS Marine boat, you can expect to be cossetted in luxury, from the sumptuous seats and fine leather upholstery to the intricate interior detailing that sets these boats apart. For an even more unique and special product, all models come in a limited edition ‘Black Ops’ collection, which is a truly elite motorboat. The distinctive gunmetal grey finish and BRABUS Red exterior seating will really turn heads and make you the envy of other boating enthusiasts in New Zealand.

In summary, BRABUS Marine is the perfect choice for those seeking a premium luxury boat brand in New Zealand. With a range of models and exceptional performance, combined with unique style and visual appeal, you can be assured of owning the most unique and eye-catching boat.


Brabus Marine is exclusively imported by Eyachts in New Zealand and powered by the Marina Brokerage.